Self Sustaining Earth Human Ecosystem Encapsulation

Interfaceable, Modular, Wholistic, and Iterative Design

Telomere the wizard
Of telomerase, a life land

In the dimension of regeneration

Oscillations everywhere

In a where
A wave

The oscillation way

Choose a boundary condition

Everything to consider

For a given query

The dna cap

Protector of chromosomes

Ribonucleo protein





Made of many waves

Local waves

Passing transport

Transportive pass

The pass

the content

the one

the transport

the world

the media

the manifestation

the thought
the act

Telomere emerged from his home. Just, at first, to check outside.

Wonder through the window starts to move the day along to push about the wizard, and he’s singing his song. Moving through his time crystal, Telomere swims about his media. His friends live there with him; his family.

Telomere protects his loved ones and assures the survival of they and their dreams.

Everyday he strides with them. They and he, facing the way.